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Angus Young confirms AC/DC are working on a new album

Sky News have reported that AC/DC are working on a new album. In an earlier interview, Angus Young said "We'll definitely be back," and confirmed that they [AC/DC] are working on a new album but admitted he had no idea how they could top the Black Ice tour, which sold 5.1m tickets and grossed an estimated $477m.

Angus continued, "We'll just keep at it and next time we'll try to do it bigger and better."

Also in the interview, Angus Young re-iterated that downloads of single tracks as opposed to albums would not be permitted, stating that the band started off as an albums band and will stay that way.

The statement came as a result of increasing speculation that the band were intending to retire. Brian Johnson denied he was thinking of hanging up his legendary flat cap and quitting stating: “No, never. Not as long as I can still walk and sing. I should think we’ll be back absolutely."

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