Phil Rudd opens restaurant - becomes granddad

Phil Rudd is to open his restaurant in Tauranga in a few days and will be asking the boys to dress up for the occasion. Phil gave an exclusive interview with Tauranga's Indulge Magazine where he gave more details about his extracurricular activities, which also includes cooking as well as art and design. Rudd says "I've told them [AC/DC's Brian Johnson, Angus and Malcolm Young and Cliff Williams] if they don't dress up they are not getting in. Brian is a good cook; he will get in the kitchen."

Rudd also has a new office in Tauranga, the newly built accommodation is the headquarters of Phil Rudd Corporation.

Rudd has personally overseen the overhaul of his New Zealand restaurant which he procured in July this year. Amongst the fittings that Rudd has personally tested himself are the chairs, stating that if he doesn't like sitting on them, he wouldn't expect his guests to either. Rudd even did the sketches for the logo himself - so Angus isn't the only artist in the band!

Rudd also says that clients will not hear Lady Gaga at his place, preferring the sounds of old rock, "You won't hear Lady Gaga. Every single sound you will hear is personally chosen by me. Most people don't know what rock is. But when they come to my restaurant, they will understand. It's hard to answer who I rate at the moment. Going back, I love Free, Bad Company, the guys who made it all happen. There will be lots of great music and the sound quality is superb."

As for his selection of chefs for the restaurant, well they are also hand-picked and had to cook the new owner a steak to prove that they were up to the task.

Phil is also a cook

"I can cook a curry from the ground up and bake the bread to go with it too. I love making sushi - and eating it. And I make a mean poached egg. So yes, don't be surprised if you see me in the kitchen." Rudd told Indulge.

Other items of interest that will be on display around Phil's Place are never-seen-before pictures, Rudd's best Sonor drum kit and his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award. Rudd added that the pictures will be from his younger years.

Rudd went on to describe his collection of cars along with a timeline, beginning with his first car, a white Falcon, through to his latest acquisition which is still on the production line - a Bentley supersport - and is being flown in just in time for the opening of the restaurant.

Becoming a Granddad

"I became a grandfather last week for the first time. My eldest son, who is in Europe, recently had a little girl, so I am off to see her soon, too." Rudd said, adding that becoming a granddad would not deter him from rocking out with his fellow AC/DC bandmates.

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